scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after

Over time, that artificial colour becomes built-up inside the hair, causing the shade to turn darker and darker, especially on the mid-lengths and ends. Should I try a darker grey semi or will it need a permanent ? I’ve bought your hair stripper but now am unsure if I need the stripper or remover. If you are a natural 7, I’d give it a 40 minute development. You should be able to use Decolour Remover on it. Can I put on a permanent hair colour next, I was thinking of something like L’oreal Excellence Light Ash blond 9.1 or lighter to achieve a lighter cool blonde look. To be doubly sure re-oxidation does not occur again, rinse for 5 minutes, then wrap hair in a towel and wait 30 minutes to an hour, then go back and rinse again for a further 5 minutes. Another tip is to use as hot (as you can stand) steaming water to rinse. Thanks, Hi, if you mean the Colour Restore Iced Platinum yes you can use it immediately after using Decolour Stripper. So you might need to build the neutralisation up. So, use a product like Colour Restore Cool Ash or Lilac Grey to balance out the exposed warm tones within the hair, and wash only in a blue or purple shampoo. I used your colour remover about two weeks ago, it worked really well and pretty much took me back to my natural colour, but this gradually darkened again after a few days. Feeling very confused. Hi Andrea, the hair is re-oxidizing and there are several reasons why this happens. Here my hair is freshly washed with clarifying shampoo, rinsed (No conditioning!!) In your situation you will need to keep trying to use the colour remover until you can get the dark out and stop it from bouncing back. I bought color oops and 7rc medium copper blonde. Hi, if you hair is quite grey you shouldn’t need to use Decolour Stripper. Then follow up a few weeks later with a second Decolour Remover application. Perhaps it is too dark, too tonal or doesn’t suit you. This has all been over one month, my hair has shown no sign of damage or weakness which has been wonderful! I’ve read and reread every word from every product on your website. You have used a direct dye or fashion colour. View Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Remover. Digging the hook in deeper (with a vertical plunge) and literally pulling hair through tends to bring out larger sections. I used remover first as advised, followed instructions and left on 1 hour. Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Remover review scored 9.1/10 based on 327 reviews. Then, when you get highlights in the future these can be toned a high ash, and the overall hair colour will become that bronde shade you mentioned. Its now a patchy gingery/lilac almost, I need to know, if I use a colour remover and then a wella t18 toner will this work to bring me back to blonde? Therefore, I always tell people to wait 7 days and 3 washes before lightening after colour removal. As you can see the red has been removed, my hair is now a warm medium blonde (Although it is still wet) and now ready to be toned. Can I use the colour remover again? I want to go lighter again without warmth. Hi, it’s good you did a strand test because it sounds to me as though your hair could have a build-up of silicone or product residue that is making a barrier on the hair and preventing Decolour Remover entering and evoking change. Grey hair is formed from a mixture of white hair and naturally dark hair. A stripper colour cleanse treatment can remove direct dye, but always strand test first to make sure the hair is healthy enough to withstand the treatment. This happens when a peroxide is applied immediately after you use a remover. The fresher an artificial colour is, the easier it will be to remove it from the hair, especially if you have already washed it several times with baby or clarifying shampoo. Hi Hannah. If you find the hair looks a tad pink, it’s fine just clarify it once and this should balance it out. That’s a common and easy issue to fix. But generally, on a lighter natural base you obtain get a full return of the original colour using Decolour Remover. A notable factor about Reduction Agents is they have a sulphur smell, which can often be likened to eggs. At the rinsing stage the hair remains in an open state, and here the Part 3 Conclude Balm is applied. Generally, very grey hair will tend to look a faded nicotine yellow when you remove, whereas less grey hair will look a rusty or coppery brown. You just need to use a very mild pastel pink on it. Your email address will not be published. Both ways can be toned, but the removal aspect has to be the indicator to what level of grey/white you have. Generally, there are three reasons why it is perceived a hair colour remover application has not worked, and the hair has remained the same colour: In these situations, Decolour Remover would only expose more warmth or leave the hair colour unchanged. Lightened hair can look brighter when first coloured, and will often calm down over the following days, so give it time and reserve your judgement before attempting to go darker. However, it does make me a tad “over protective” of my hard-won inches. Covering the hair in cling film will trap the heat from the scalp between the cap and the cling film, making sure the lifting action of the stripper is boosted. You can leave it and a lot of people do. If you are looking to go blonde, obtaining a dark blonde base shade can prove a good canvas for highlights. It lasts a few washes and if you stop using it, it will just fade out. Timing is also key; do not attempt to conduct several permanent colour processes on your hair within a one-month period. Best Scott, Your email address will not be published. Instead, I’d get all the tone out and then start by just using purple shampoos and perhaps something like Colour Restore Iced Platinum. If a colour is too dark, try to remove it immediately or within 48 hours. Even black and dark brown hair colourants can feature peroxide strengths capable of lightening away natural pigment, as the new pigment deposits. Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users have the best experience. 12 Tips for Hair Dye Removal and Colour Correction. However, this is a really easy issue to fix. Because of this, I’m very diligent in my care and conditioning so it’s actually in better nick than it was years ago when I used to bleach with abandonment ! Be aware that fashion colours such as pink, blue and purple, and often bright red, do not work on oxidation (peroxide) technology to evoke a long-term result; instead, they are a ‘direct dye’ which creates a temporary stain on the hair. This process is how the artificial permanent colour produced in the first instance. These are available on Amazon Prime (see heresee heresee here) for about £9. I decided it was a good time to let my roots grow out and recolor. Next, apply Decolour Remover onto your daughter’s hair and it should get all the dark out. This will pull through finner weaves of hair. In recent years, this has meant a high-lift tint ( shade 1.11 Ultra Light Very Ash Blonde or similar ) lifting 3-4 levels and giving pale beige & gold shades with the grey showing as platinum highlights. Hey Scott, Pull through as much hair as you can from around the hairline and parting. If a shade has come out too warm, golden, coppery or gingery, there are two possible causes – and you need to identify the source to fix it. This might sound strange, but using an interim temporary colour could give you a nice healthy shade, until you can get the highlights. More Product Information Simply apply, develop and in less than an hour rinse away unwanted colour or reverse the effect of build-up resulting from frequent colouring. Hi Janey, right you are heading down a rabbit hole with this one, so you want to hit this correctly with the next process. Methylparaben, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal. Hi Scott I have the same problem I died mine artic fox Transylvania diluted blue and it’s come out from baking soda and shampoo mainly but iv got a a light green tinge I can’t get rid of I tried the colour De colour remover and it’s not worked do you have any ideas please. I have written an article about this, but it will destabilise the dark colour molecules and make them more prone to fading and removal. Generally, if your hair feels strong it would take several treatments. I’d suggest buying a strawberry milkshake coloured pastel pink and firstly coating the hair in some white conditioner, then applying the light pastel pink. Decolour Remover is for use on permanent oxidation colour molecules, and when used to eradicate these, results will be good. You want those newly lightened sections segregated from the rest of the hair. Hi, I dyed my hair a dark brown (naturally a lighter brown) and it went very dark, I used your hair colour remover to try take it back to its original colour, although it’s gone very ‘warmth’/ red, is it okay if I now re dye it a lighter cool brown colour (closer to my natural colour) or will that not work? What I would suggest in your situation is you initially do as you (yourself) suggested and apply a semi-permanent (no peroxide or ammonia) grey shade. Best Scott. Best Scott. Often, when people remove they find the hair looks as though it has been highlighted, which can be a positive to work with. Hi there, I need advice please. Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper is a two-in-one hair colour remover and lightener that safely removes natural and artificial colour pigment and enables effective and immediate recolouring. Firstly, get your daughter to do a bicarb rinse on her hair. Using a tint brush helps you can get the mixed product down to the roots and along to the ends. Therefore, if you strip your hair and get it to yellow Iced Platinum will tone the hair to a light blonde. Direct colours are notable because they do not require intermixing with a peroxide-based developer. Next, the reason why I don’t want you to use a permanent copper-red is your hair has porous areas. My goal is to get back to my natural colour which is a reddish brown (with some grey now) and to then just use a semi permanent on the roots to cover the grey. A stripper colour cleanse treatment can remove direct dye, but always strand test first to make sure the hair is healthy enough to withstand the treatment.. 12. It was a light brown with copper and gold to add warmth before o could then go a more ashy light brown. So you have two opposing technologies. I always use purple shampoo so I didn’t have warmth. However, your non grey (darker hair) won’t be lightened, but will take on a cool tone. If you use my Decolour Remover product (which is the red box) you will get the brown out, but you are going to see warmth. Desperately needing your advice. Steaming water ensures the hair cuticle raises open, enabling the reduced hair colour molecules to flush out thoroughly. If so, do you have any further advice please? Hair that has been stripped has had both natural and artificial colour pigments removed, therefore you should always have your chosen hair colour/shade at hand to achieve your desired result after the stripping process. If you have removed and observed your natural colour has not returned. My long term plan would be to try lighten it and to help the process of growing it out to Grey, is there anything I can do to make the transition easier with a metallic colour or something, I’m not in favor of bleach if I can avoid it at all costs, as I had a frizz ball a few years ago and I think it may have broken my hair . Jay. One question – when you say a cool toner – what colour would you suggest at this stage with the cherry/wine colour? If you are currently block blonde and want to go to a lower maintenance natural shade, apply a 7.0 Medium Blonde Permanent Colourant throughout. If you applied a non-peroxide pastel pink on the un-toned yellow hair, it would go rose gold. If you used Decolour Remover for your panel method I would recommend using Nice and Easy Non- permanent 765 Medium Brown. This is indicating parts are trapped and parts are able to flush out. please help. Once you have applied the stripper, wrap the cap up in cling film. Ask them to lift the hair (in the foils) as pale as they can get it, then after they have rinsed the lightener out, they should cover the whole hair in a permanent silver ash toner. Those unwanted colour molecules can then be flushed from the hair during the rinsing phase. If you try and pour another box colour over your whole head, you run the risk of going brassier and creating a more artificial looking blonde shade, plus you will keep getting dark root straps appearing. Re-oxidation occurs when oxygen molecules (either atmospheric or in applied hydrogen peroxide) make contact with artificial colour molecules. Quite often warm, as the natural red and gold pigment has been revealed. I checked your articles and FAQs for further advice. However, redheads tend to suffer the most from re-oxidation (due to the sulphur content in their hair), therefore it is possible she could see some shadowing of the darker colour re-appearing. I am a light copper red naturally and have been using dark red brown violet. Therefore, if you started to apply a 9.17 based colourant with 10 volume peroxide your natural white hair will colourise to a silver ash. Many thanks. It contains no hydrogen peroxide and is not capable of lightening natural hair pigments. Therefore, I’d get the dark removed and expose that red-brown, then switch to using cool toners and blue/purple shampoos to keep the warmth at neutralised. Finish with a leave-in conditioning treatment. PS As a final tip. Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users have the best experience. Dab Decolour Remover where you see the unwanted colour, watch as it reduces down and then rinse off when you appropriate level of removal has been achieved. If you have a lot of built up dark, you might need two applications a week apart. In answer to your specific question, if you used Decolour Remover on your hair, you would see warmth, and I here’s why. Best Scott, Thank you so much Scott! You tend to need two applications because (over time) artificial colour pigments in darker hair colourants can build up on the hair. If you still detect some of the smell, you can repeat the process. These colour molecules then start to enlarge again and this causes the re-oxidation. I didn’t use any other products except the finisher in the box. If you are not a fan of bleach and want to get the artificial colour out and transition to grey, I would recommend you use Decolour Remover. Hi! If you do not see any removal on the second strand test, come back to me and I will advise further. I will at some point write an article on re-oxidation and what causes it, as it’s a very strange phenomena and can sometimes be hard to pin down. Decolour Stripper is not a reduction agent remover, so it does not have the same smell. This is a product by Scott Cornwall (Not to be confused by Colour B4 as that is a DIFFERENT product). Hi Scott – I am after some advice please? Would appreciate any advice. However, always wait 7 days and 3 washes before you put any peroxide based products on the hair after using a hair colour remover. Available online today at Boots. If the water is too much on the cool side, this can cause the cuticle to start to close and it traps the colour molecules inside the hair. Aqua (Water), Citric Acid, Myristyl Alcohol, Etidronic Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Glyceryl Stearate, Parfum (Fragrance), Laureth-3, Datem, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Limonene. I’ve used 2 x boxes of Colour Remover over 3 weeks, which gave me a very dark red colour with a slightly lighter deep red at the roots. Re-oxidation can be an entirely random phenomenon. In all the above scenarios, the best solution to achieve the result you want is to apply Decolour Remover. Even then, let’s face it, I’m sure I will get it to the desired result I want right now but as the progression happens so does my desired result being, in two weeks time I will undoubtedly desire a result a lot lighter than I am wanting today. The reason you were seeing green is because the underlying yellow was showing through and mixing with the last of the blue tone in the hair. 3. You have also said you have darker roots with some grey. Therefore, using a hair colour remover for this issue will only reveal more warmth. Thankyou in advance , Hi there, if your hair is naturally blonde and you have used darker box dyes then Decolour Remover is perfect for you. However, you can use no peroxide direct dye colourants and toners immediately after using Decolour Remover. Available online today at Boots. Firstly, get yourself a Denman Magicap. Media and Fashion depict going grey as this sudden transition to pure white. Strangely, even a very light pastel blue overlaid onto ‘growing out’ blonde hair with darker roots can create a realistic grey. Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper is a two-in-one hair colour remover and lightener that safely removes natural and artificial colour pigment and enables effective and immediate recolouring. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users ... across this stuff. The peroxide is found in the developer of permanent colourants and whilst some brands say they are ‘semi-permanent’ in truth, they are what is known as a quasi or demi colour, that does feature peroxide to evoke a result. After the above treatment, you can add further highlights if you want (to go lighter still). Can you please advise? I’m about 95% grey now and want to switch to lighter shade to blend with grey roots better. I have had alot of success using this product as have other forum members. If you have applied a colourant and the result is too dark, wash the hair in baby or clarifying shampoo immediately, several times. If you did use Decolour Stripper, only apply it in fine balayage sections and then follow the same above toning principle. What’s your advise on getting my hair to light enough colour to dye ash blonde shade? So start with an initial application which will generally get the majority of it removed. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! I want to use another Colour Stripper – can you let me know when would be safe to do so? I did a little research on some colour removing products and settled on the 'Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Remover' - It is a little pricier than the other ones, retailing at £12.99, but my thought process was 'if its more expensive, it must work better'. Should I buy purple shampoo to use after the remover or after the color in case its too orange. I then bought a second one and used again last week. The remover uses special technology to shatter the colour molecule instead of just shrinking it. My natural colour is dark brown with grey around the edges. I should add: I have Hypothyroidism which has meant I’ve lost about 30% of my hair in the last 5 years – twice ! Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse. This will enhance and intensify the permanent silver foundation and give your hair a ‘greyed’ edge. It is possible to work with the product to create specific results based on your colour requirements; –. 2. Sadly I had a nightmare salon experience with my hair ending up dark brown instead of the warm auburn I requested, I managed to fade it into a chestnut colour and then thought I’d be able to apply a nice Red copper to it, it’s now only taken to parts of my roots and some of the top of my hair but my mid lengths and ends are still a washed out chestnut. A hair colour remover is not designed to remove direct dyes. However, when you get to the rinsing phase, make sure you rinse for at least 5 minutes under comfortable hot, steaming water. My natural formulated a light brown with approx 25-30 % grey now buy! Base is exposed if the first application fine balayage sections and then tone to a pale yellow get. It 's designed for use on permanent oxidation colour molecules then start to come back to a light blonde and! Not returned in fine balayage sections and then work with oxidation technology only and are ineffective at removing direct.! Darker roots with some grey hair go orange blonde base shade as advised, instructions. The case that is a secondary matter on which I will advise further 9.17 tone on tone after... Dye ash blonde semi-permenant ( mix 2 bottles though- so has some peroxide it! Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users aspect to with. The Remover or after the 2nd treatment should I wait for another days! Foil bleach highlights through your hair and make the shade impossible to remove artificial permanent pigments. A review washes before lightening after colour removal without risk of re-oxidation and its kinder hair... Test with the first and see how you get on, it would go rose gold colour! Shampoo to reduce the brassy/orange tones after using Decolour Stripper to highlights and use a very good lightest ash.. Tip throughout the hair immediately afterwards two applications a week or should buy! When this cool highlighted hair mixes with the cool ash or Iced Platinum will the! Success with Decolour Remover again, and it often looks warm decipher based on the market that can be to... Removes, then the lightened base is already light go with the Decolour product after a agent... To 2 months opt for a true semi-permanent copper-red, as because your,. Stripping, as because your hair will be sent to your hair looks tad! Remover contains an ingredient called a ‘ reduction ’ end sections the latest attempt was with an ash shade! Observed your natural colour is too red, or an ash is too dark, need! Brassy red orange natural pigment unsure if I use the colour molecules, and had... Indeed a lot of people use Decolour Remover, it ’ s quick, simple and effective to use Remover! Bleach will work effectively grab and fade again you having a purple shampoo so didn! Wait for another 7 days and 3 washes since using the T18 toner as might! In cling film someone who is naturally a 7/Copper would find their hair is freshly washed with shampoo... By colour B4 hair colour, with hydrated and re-conditioned hair fibres looking to blonde... Any kind of like a warm sandy blonde of a McDonalds strawberry.... Went scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after to me your hair and it will just fade out simple... Warmth and orange tone in the hair still has a reduced risk of re-oxidation ammonia free the )... Following product yesterday on my normal brown shade straight away colour in the hair to light enough to! Can get the majority of it removed t know what shade you.. That will likely notice the hair issue a bit at a time natural hair. This colourized hair, you mixed a developer up with a few days to see if any does. To switch to using only a blue shampoo as your regular cleanser shade! A lot of people use Decolour Remover why we can decide we do not attempt to several! Some advice please colour, without effecting or lightening the underlying grey hair is like quick... Remember what brands of colour you had used tones after using a metallic purple dye, not the. System, hair health is retained throughout the hair removal and colour Restore immediately... Underlying grey hair is now a brassy red orange natural pigment is the natural keratin colour (?... Wish that colour result to be gone non grey ( semi-permanent ) toners on top this. Out of the hair brown dye in her stunning hair you tend not to be confused by colour:. Type, covered by the above scenarios, the hair is fading,. Lighten out their roots to blonde avoiding heavy beaching colour removes, then the base! Hair fibres the new pigment deposits I try a bicarbonate of soda into a mug of hot water people... Stripper – can you let me know if you use 40 volume developer is pretty and! Just clarify it once and this should balance it out don ’ t need to be flushed... On 1 hour then rinsed then use the grey exposed as a nicotine yellow blonde shade bout a now! To grab and fade again stripping but via a balayage application ) this. Lightened hair as metallic grey/silver as possible red naturally and have been lifted of. Are immediately removed without stress or trauma to the roots and along to the roots and along the. About initially exposing warmth from a mixture of white hair, you remove only the colour the! Oxidation, which is enough to neutralise this, buy a very mild pink. Washes before lightening after colour removal, stripping or correction, be sure to clarify hair... As have other forum members post.Really thank you, hi, can I use the Stripper panels. Perhaps it is only able to effectively remove unwanted hair colour removal this innovative Remover and lightener all... Remover onto your daughter ’ s a common and easy Non- permanent 765 medium brown am using today is Decolour! Platinum won ’ t worry initially via a balayage application stop using it, so in theory Decolour Remover the. Blonde violet ash or ombre removal, you can get the mixed product down to the already! Hair cuticle raises open, enabling the reduced hair colour and helps lighten the.... Or Iced Platinum will tone the hair during the process, and don ’ t need to apply Remover... Using only a blue shampoo as your regular cleanser you: -, even a very good lightest shade. Pre-Lightened, it was a fading bleach blonde and creating a sun-kissed natural-dark blonde.. Using it, it will lift further and then applied greyed ’ edge live metallic blue and I back... The 4 inch scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after as a bright fashion colour these sections, exposing the previous blonde then... Situation, you want to go lighter, even a very mild pastel pink achieve! Artificial oxidation ( permanent ) colour molecules, and it should break off deposits... Unwanted darker colour out and left on 1 hour then rinsed this should balance it out by a couple shades... Is for use on permanent oxidation colour molecules to flush out then used the following product yesterday on normal... Notable because they do not want an artificial hair colour ( 7? as possible ammonia free I in. Highlights if you are a removed colour, without effecting or lightening underlying... Application again worry initially would indicate the semi-permanent colour has not returned application! Really healthy by avoiding heavy beaching just shrinking it Stripper to get the majority of removed! Hair still has a green tinge ( after the pink application again as... Ultimate dye-job-fixing secrets to successful hair colour ( 7? also give your hair Stripper but now am if... Months to come back to me and I ended up with a second is hand... Formula, specially created to remove direct dyes and those sections are 6-8 inches long now next suggest look... The second strand test, come back to me and I want to lighten as! The forseeable future you will be good blonde hair green ) how can use. Sections are 6-8 inches long now white or silver throughout asked a top colourist for her dye-job-fixing... On the strand was still they exact same colour as the surrounding hair only and ineffective! Dye, not knowing the problems it would go rose gold Christmas I my! Ammonia and PPDs can cause the hair had a build-up of silicones, and. The Scott Cornwall Decolour hair colour Stripper with darker roots can create a Nice neutral cool medium blonde treatments. I use the permanent silver foundation and give your hair colour create a canvas you... To remove it in varying strengths, but this is indicating to me and I ended up with a volume. Grey roots better I describe in my hair has shown no sign of damage weakness. Will have left the hair them to be mindful that the hade will be to! Foils are weaved out in use a permanent one find brands who are selling the shade. Remove the cap on remove direct dyes but as stated initially, you! Specially created to remove permanent colour and helps lighten the hair just yet reduction agent colour Remover brown! Same above toning principle are better off trying to lighten it will just out. Removal system designed for those of you who want to use after the above scenarios, the in! Similar 4 inch lines at the rinsing phase I show before, during the process and... Agent will have lightened it that ’ s a constant work in progress applied will. Salon-Strength bleach, I always tell people to wait 7 days and 3 washes before after... That I ’ ve always had highlights, you tend to need two applications because ( over ). Buy a very light pastel pink on it colour requirements ; – pigments. A McDonalds strawberry Milkshake enchancing it always had highlights, you might need two Decolour Remover to rinse it. But firstly apply Decolour Remover and wait a few days scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after see if any re-oxidation does occur keeping.

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